Join K9Sports - we 'FLAT OUT' need your membership!                     

K9Sports needs your support to continue to bring events to the Greater Nashville area. We know that Agility people are busy people so we put our energies into putting on trials with the help of our volunteer members and do not have regular monthly meetings.

Membership Fees

$15 per year or $25 per year if you wish to be a sustaining member.
Membership year is from April through March.

Click here for a membership form

Please note any specific talents/skills you might be willing to donate to K9SportsTN. Remember this is a Not for profit organization - we need your support and volunteers for our events.

Communication and Meetings

We sometimes have a pot-luck dinner for members and friends at the trial after setting up the show.  Otherwise all of our communication is through the on-line e-mail list go here to sign up

There is usually one Annual General Meeting in April and sometimes a Fall social such as a fun run picnic.